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Getting ready for a happy fun good time

In about an hour I have an appointment for my 1st ever PAP test/gyno visit. Joy. 

I just came back from my walk. Again I did an hour of continuous walking and I completed 3.19 miles. I googled walking speeds and found 3 different articles that said an average walking speed for a  woman of average height and weight is about 3 miles an hour. For a good workout that should be increased to 4 miles an hour or more.  Considering I'm more than a hundred pounds overweight I guess I can be content with 3 miles an hour for awhile. Hopefully as I get stronger and lose weight the speed of my walking will increase. I've decided that one hour of walking is going to be my goal Mon-Fri. An hour of movement should help me get a little of this weight off and get me on track to being healthier. Besides, it's about all I can manage at the moment.

Actually, forcing myself out of bed this morning wasn't easy. My bed was sooooooo comfortable and I was feeling so sore (slipped on the stairs and bashed my arm into metal railing yesterday afternoon) plus I had a lovely headache. But finally after having a little whine and giving myself a list of reasons why it was perfectly okay to stay in bed, I got up and got moving anyway. I'm glad I did, though I don't have the same euphoric feeling I had yesterday after my walk (probably because my head /body are still aching).  Regardless, I'm pleased with myself.  I took a different route today which included some decent inclines to haul my giant butt up.  I may try different routes each day to keep my interest and vary the workout. Now I'm off to shower !

Have a great day everyone.